Costume Notes

Costume Notes Going into Tech Week

Everything you wear in the show should now be in the theater.  Every piece should be labeled with your first name.

As in past years, women will change in the green room, men will be in the chorus room and kids will be in the band room.

Once we start costumes, every actor should wear shorts and a tank top (or t-shirt if the neck won't show).  There is no expectation of privacy.  No one will be changing in the restrooms.

Everyone should have black socks or stockings,  nothing sheer.  Tevye and Golda should have white socks for the dream scene.

No nail polish or jewelry unless you are married in the show then you can have a plain wedding ring.  No earrings. 

Every actor has the responsibility for their own costume pieces.  Return items to your bag or hang up neatly on your named hangers. If you have a quick change, go back and hang up your costume as soon as possible.

Lipstick and blush should be in brown tones.  Nothing bright.

There will be ice water backstage.  Bring your water bottle if you want.  Only clean snacks. We don't want anything on your costumes.